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Let Your Light Shine!

Festive lights among makeshift memorials reveal the paradox of how joy and grief coexist along our human journey. Fourteen years ago today, the juxtaposition of emergency flashing lights with the holiday decorations outside Von Maur stunned Omaha. No community is immune from tragedy, revealing the universal temptation to do anything to bypass heartbreak. Learning to

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Affirmative Thinking Changes Negative Thought Patterns

Rev (Dr.) Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer Omaha World-Herald, Oct 10, 2021, From the Pulpit Imagine driving along I-80 and crops of coconut trees emerge from where farmers planted corn seeds! Scientifically, one would deduct that the soil did not operate within the unwritten but understood “law” of nature. Spiritually, our heart is much like the Earth’s

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