Change Surrounds Us

Change surrounds us, from human intervention with time (daylight savings) to the cycle of death and rebirth brilliantly represented in nature’s Autumn Blaze Maple trees. Amid change, what remains consistent is the choice we make to either practice stress or practice peace. The inundation of hyper-sensationalized descriptions of citizens in political ads reminds me of …

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Workshop: Spiritual Heroic Journey

Register Here Click on image (below) to play the WORKSHOP TRAILER! What guides us into a spiritual quest? Our changeless reality. We find ourselves living in a closed system fueled by status quo, comfort, and hierarchy. But energy is entropic. And the human desire to live in equilibrium conflicts with the Spirit’s entropic energy, which …

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Soul Care: Helping Our Inner Selves Process Life Challenges

By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Lindenmeyer and Rev. Kyle SorysUniversity Chaplains Reposted from American Public University Edge Newsletter Americans are all aware of supply chain shortages and resulting economic impacts due to COVID-19. But what about the ramifications of our nation’s lack of mental health and spiritual care providers? Even before the pandemic, a shortage of …

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