Three Transformative Microdosing Experiences

Three New Microdosers…..

You’ve heard about microdosing magic mushrooms, but deep in your consciousness there’s a belief that anything to do with psychedelics will fry your brain.  I grew up in the War on Drugs era and was suspicious of mushrooms, at least the ones that supposedly could take me to the outer realms of reality.  But then COVID hit. An event at work triggered my military PTSD, and the planets aligned to where I found myself in Costa Rica in the jungle staring at a cup of five grams of mushrooms.  Fast forward four years later and now I am a true believer and dedicated to helping others overcome apprehensions and be open to the benefits of exploring a new world of healing.

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Here are the stories of three friends who, like me, were once skeptical of trying any sort of psychedelic.

Amber’s story

I’ve known Amber a few years as we went to seminary together.  She served a very large Methodist church in the Dallas area and was doing very well until two things occurred.  First, the Methodist division about LBTQIA rights, and second, the closure of the church for nearly a year. Raising three teenagers took its toll, too. During one of our regular Zoom calls, Amber confided in me, her voice tinged with frustration and despair. She was angry with her church leaders, disillusioned by the theological differences that seemed insurmountable. Her daughter, too, was suffering, her spirits sinking under the weight of loneliness and isolation as she navigated online learning. She surprised me when she said she was open to microdosing,  a practice she had once dismissed as taboo. She saw it as a lifeline, a way to cope with the overwhelming stress and reclaim some semblance of control over her life.

Within four months, Amber relayed that “I can handle everything.  It’s like I am the leader and mom I want to be.” She started with 200 mg and then eventually microdosed three days a week up to 300 mg. Three years later, her church is thriving, her daughter is now finishing her freshman year in college, and she has found peace within knowing that it is OK for her beliefs and the beliefs of others to differ.


Justin’s story

Justin, another minister, has a similar story to mine as he left full-time ministry in January of 2021.  He was also in a long-term relationship that ended not very well, his father recently died and was admittedly very depressed. I mentioned to him that microdosing could help with moving through a holistic path towards healing through his grief.  He admitted that he was drinking more that he wanted.  Over three months, he began to spend more time in nature, less time on social media, and stayed away from alcohol.

Feeling drawn to explore the healing potential of mushrooms further, Justin started microdosing with a dosage of 100 mg, while slowly tapering off the antidepressant fluoxetine that he had been prescribed. Within six weeks, he had safely weaned himself off fluoxetine entirely and increased his microdosing to 200 mg.

In August 2022, Justin went to Jamaica for his first mushroom ceremony. Since then, he has found his way back into serving a church community, reclaiming his sense of purpose and connection.


Shelly’s story

A friend referred Shelly, a retired military veteran with 27 years of service, who faced the daunting challenge of transitioning into civilian life after being diagnosed with PTSD and relying on Paxil for nearly five years. Eager to explore a more holistic approach to her well-being, she sought alternatives once fully discharged.

We connected over Zoom, where her primary concern was whether microdosing mushrooms posed a risk of addiction. Assured of its non-addictive nature, she then inquired about its impact on her alertness, especially since she was about to start a new job.

I explained, "At microdose levels, mushrooms won't impair your alertness. In fact, you may even find yourself more attentive."

She asked more questions than anyone else I previously worked with, and because she took Paxil so long, I needed to seek the advice of a psychiatric pharmacist before Shelly began microdosing.

It wasn't until nearly two months later that Shelly finally began microdosing. Nervous at first, she was barely hanging on at work due to unexpected social obligations. However, she quickly responded positively to the 50 mg microdosing fruit chews. Recently, she completed a threshold dose (500 mg) as she prepares for her first mushroom ceremony.

For more information, please go to the Psyrenity Revive website.

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