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The Sacred Activism Community offers spiritual growth, preparation and teaching to seekers by opening their mind, body and soul to compassionate “networks of grace” designed for community activism. The programming is unique, consistent and primarily virtual with select in-person offerings. Even if one is confined physically, Sacred Activists still can create a spiritual vision grounded on Divine wisdom within to exemplify love in action. Each Monday, the Sacred Activism Community posts a seven to ten minute inspirational and teaching video focused on the five principles of Sacred Activism:

  1. Asking What Breaks Your Heart?

  2. Forming Supportive Networks With Others

  3. Practicing Remembrance

  4. Embracing Fierce Feminism

  5. Returning to Joy

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Get Informed and Be Inspired.  Contact us today to learn more about engaging in your community for Spritiual growth, leadership growth and to Love The Turtles!

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