Do You Awaken Each Day With Purpose?

From the Pulpit, Omaha World-Herald, Feb 6th 2022
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Do you awaken each day with purpose?  When daily life seems like an endless to-do list, our dreams and desires drown in an ocean of discontent as pondering the gift of existence succumbs to productivity, success, and acceptance. Through reflection, meditation, and other inner work, deep fears rooted in anxiety rise to the surface and free the energetic purpose that dwells in our spirit.  Think about what you truly want—is it predicated on the typical tabloid-like narrative rooted in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”  What if our entire purpose on this planet is about growth and learning? Then perceived failures and mistakes become clues to the treasure map guiding us on the path to spiritual evolution.


The shifting of perspective in one’s life purpose creates an emotional transformation in our reality. Unfortunately, we may still be programmed to search for meaning through external experiences, from relationships to vocational identities. We overlook, even forget, the eternal wisdom echoed by Jesus the Christ, “The Kingdom of God is within.”


Internal sacredness is the priceless treasure often hidden by the impenetrable vault of life’s ups and downs (pain, hurt, betrayal, grief). When we become conscious of the Divine incarnation in all of humanity, then fears attached to sin, limitation, disease and death dissolve. Shaken from our trance-like beliefs, we become aware of a loving, peaceful, universal Creator and Architect creatively designing our lives. Our external search for meaning dissipates and the greatest discovery is revealed—reality is at the center of our own being.  No more searching after imitative illusions, for the amazing person we are looking for is really the divine spirit within. Awaken each day knowing you are the discovery for which you’ve been searching, and live.




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