The Ayahuasca Journey Parallels The Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter

Rev (Dr.) Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer

This three-part series explores the deep parallels between the Christian narrative of the Last Supper, Good Friday, and Easter and the transformative journey through an Ayahuasca ceremony.  Phase One echoes The Last Supper, when Twelve Personalities gather for Communion. Phase Two, the crucifixion commemorated by the name Good Friday, represents the dissolution of the ego during ceremony. Phase Three, mirroring Easter, signifies resurrection into rebirth.

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(note: I write this with the most profound respect for the Christian faith, which led me to psychedelics.  I believe psychedelics evolve consciousness, leading to a profound connection with God/Yahweh/Allah/Spirit…whatever name you identify with as your Divine Creator). While I recognize the skepticism surrounding the use of psychedelics in spiritual exploration, this series invites an open-minded journey through the intersections of ancient rituals and modern Christian faith interpretations.


Phase One: The Last Supper

Ingesting Ayahuasca ceremonially reminds me of The Last Supper, from a metaphysical perspective.  A very sacred gathering after sunset, like a celebrative family meal, the atmosphere going into an Ayahuasca brings about the twelve personalities who were present in the Upper Room with Jesus:  Sitting near the Shaman preparing the potent brew, the first timer to Ayahuasca experiences Doubt and Uncertainty,  

 “Will anything happen?” “Do I really want to do this?”

 Watching every move of the Shaman, the window of opportunity to leave still exists yet the desire to experience an encounter with Mother Ayahuasca overcomes Doubt and Uncertainty.  But then arise the voices of the Skeptic and Critic, also present:

 “Is this a real shaman?  This could be a sham. Is that even real Ayahuasca?”

 Watching others get purified with Palo Santo during the smudging process, the voice of the Critic tries to overcome the desire to for Stability to be heard. The ego anticipates the impending journey and seeks to resist and flee. Enter in Fear. Fear can disrupt an Ayahuasca journey quicker than a Roman legion arresting the Shaman. However, the innate human desire for Truth, fueled by Curiosity, remains ever-present, encouraging Calmness and Love to engage, reinforced by the presence of the Shaman.

The Shaman honors the Ayahuasca, drinks the liquid vine, and begins to call each disciple one by one to the candle-lit altar. A silence hovers over the ceremony, until the medicine songs, the Icaros, and drumming begin to activate the levels of consciousness the plant medicine will soon induce. A period of anticipation ensues, resulting in all the emotional personalities engaging one another. The veteran plant medicine participants quiet the voices of the mind, allowing Humility and Peace to settle in, while others battle the innate uninvited guests of Pessimism and Anxiety. 

Within ten to thirty minutes, the profound cannot be undone.  The mind is now under the arrest of Ayahuasca, setting into motion the crucifixion of the ego and rebirth of consciousness.  Soon the medicine, chemically referred to as 5-MeO-DMT,* will interact with the mind’s disciples. Which one will Mother Ayahuasca tend to first?  As Phase One ends, the next Phase begins with fractals, purging, and a total dissolution of the self...Phase Two, Good Friday.

*5-MeO-DMT, often referred to as the 'God molecule', is a potent psychedelic compound found in Ayahuasca that profoundly alters consciousness, offering insights and experiences beyond our usual perceptions.

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