Phase Two: Good Friday in Ayahuasca’s Crucifixion: The Ego’s Demise

Rev (Dr.) Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer

We live in a reality where what we see, the visible, drives our perceptions and reality.  Emphasis is put on the body, and so the details surrounding the crucifixion of Christ are full of images of pain, and extreme suffering leading to death. Good Friday is a potent reminder representation of suffering and sacrifice. Yet, burrow deeper into the realms of consciousness, and discover the parallels between this powerful Christian narrative and the profound experiences unlocked by Ayahuasca ceremonies. Both journeys lead to a dissolution of the physical, unveiling spiritual truths that transcend mortal confines.

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After ingesting Ayahuasca, an interesting interaction occurs in understanding the mind-body connection.  Like Christ's surrender to the cross, participants relinquish control to the potent brew, initiating a process of purging—both physical and spiritual. When the participant surrenders to the plant medicine, the dissolution of the physical gives way to the spiritual reality. Just as Christ bore the weight of the world's disconnection, individuals confront and release their inner demons, shedding layers of conditioning and toxicity stored within the body. A purging of beliefs and toxins stored in the body may be required to initiate the transformation process.

              About an hour into the Ayahuasca experience, participants find themselves suspended on a cross, vulnerable, and completely susceptible to the energy of others in the vicinity.  Enter the crucible of consciousness where the sensation forsakenness leads to a feeling of abandonment and struggles against inner turmoil. Eventually, an utter realization that surrendering to the guiding wisdom of Mother Ayahuasca is necessary. The call for help, for connection with the Divine, echoes the call of Christ hanging on the cross desiring communion.

  Within the recesses of the mind is where the true trial occurs. Ayahuasca's psychedelic effects open gateways to profound introspection, stripping away the illusions of the ego and revealing deeper truths. Just as Christ's journey transcended the physical torment, participants confront their innermost fears and traumas, paving the way for spiritual evolution and healing. 

              The accounts of what Jesus said from the Cross are well documented, but who really knows what was going on in his consciousness?  It is in the mind where the Ayahuasca takes its most powerful effect, accentuated by bodily actions reacting to what is going on in the deep recesses of consciousness. When the focus shifts from the gruesome aspect of what happens to the body of Christ to the profound transformation in his mind, the significance of the Resurrection not only becomes apparent but continues to resonate with us even centuries later. 

              Dissolution of the body-identity, the plant medicine helps us to focus on our consciousness. The fractal images, the geographic psychedelic shapes, symbolize the process of the effects of the 5-MeO-DMT taking effect, opening a path to a higher aspect of awareness. The letting go of understanding the dual nature of life evaporates, freeing a new dimension where the desire to forgive, whether it be oneself or others, echoes the same words of Christ from the cross. Spiritual evolution begins with forgiveness, and grievances dissipate while under the teaching of Ayahuasca. 

              According to scriptural tradition, the crucifixion of Jesus lasted three hours.  The effects of Ayahuasca vary, but the most intense aspects can span three hours and a lifetime of healing can occur as one processes information that might seem like a life review.  The journey through fractal visions and cosmic revelations mirrors the transcendence of earthly limitations, fostering a profound understanding of forgiveness and interconnectedness. It is a death process, but not to be feared as the parasympathetic system still functions.  Breathing isn’t hindered, just the perception of reality, a perception bringing to the forefront a spiritual awareness leading to a knowing that Paradise is accessible, because Paradise is Unity with the Divine. 

  There is no them and there is no us, there is just One. That’s Paradise. That’s the message of Christ to us, and the message nearly every Ayahuasca participant realizes.

Past trauma exits the body, demons of resentment are exorcised, and spirits of generational ancestors come to life.  A different dimension reveals itself, so different from the mundaneness of an existence marked by a 24-hour time period and 365-day calendar year. There is no time, nor are there limitations or gravitational rules.  Intergalactic travel and shape-shifting offer intense new perspectives. 

After an exhausting yet exhilarating journey, a moment finally comes at the end of an Ayahuasca experience where Mother Ayahuasca uncovers the deep truth that needs to be understood. Through the dissolution of the body identity, individuals awaken to a heightened awareness.

           With the words "It is finished," Christ's earthly journey reached its culmination. And yet, the planting of the truth is only the beginning of Phase Three: Return. Resurrection.

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