Rooted in Unity: Embracing the Divine Connection

Our Paleolithic ancestors occupied the longest stretch of human existence, embracing a belief system we now refer to as animism. Animism predates dualism, perceiving everything as interconnected and unified. In this perspective, there’s no concept of hell, no notion of an "other," no hierarchical structure, and no sense of separation. This worldview recognizes our interconnectedness with all living organisms and emphasizes the relationships we forge with them.

As we reflect on our place in the grand timeline of humanity, we can recognize the remarkable technological advancements that profoundly impact our lives. These innovations usher about significant changes in the way we live day to day. However, has our faith evolved in a meaningful way?

Community gatherings centered on religious beliefs withstand the test of time. You and I may not believe the exact same mytho-poetic narrative about a Divine Consciousness, but probably agree Something or Someone is at the heart of creation. The concept of Spiritual Awakening (to me) involves the intuitive conviction that each of us are One with the Universe and that the breath, essence, and love of this Divine Consciousness (aka God, Allah, Yahweh, Creator…) flows through us in accordance with our awareness and attunement.

This alignment with the Divine manifests itself in sacred moments, such as a taking a peaceful walk at Chalco Hills, gazing into the eyes of a newborn, being fully present with a loved one, showing respect to an elder, or enjoying Jell-O with a College World Series fan at Rocco’s. Spirit finds us everywhere humans gather.

While our faith may have been influenced by technological advancements and societal changes, the fundamental essence of our spiritual yearning remains rooted in the intuitive understanding that we are part of something greater than ourselves, intricately connected to the Divine and to each other.

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