Mental Influence

Science of Mind Magazine, September 2023

Rev (Dr.) Cynthia Ramirez Lindenmeyer
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Today, I had a profound spiritual experience that I would describe as a moment of deep insight, akin to what I call a "Jesus moment." It occurred while I navigated the complex labyrinth of the Veterans Affairs (VA) telephonic appointment system. Each call, I am greeted with these words:

"If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911. If you are having thoughts of suicide, press seven now."

The process continues with automated recordings until I finally hear a human voice, which feels like being rescued from the multiverse of automation. From the perspective of the Science of Mind philosophy, these moments in the telephonic realm serve as a reminder of the profound power of our thoughts and mental influence.

When I reached out to a senior VA director, I explained the if positive questions replaced the negative barrage, the overall patient load would decrease. Ironically, he directed me to the mental health hotline. Thus, I experienced a moment of feeling misunderstood, much like Jesus must have felt during his time on Earth. Jesus lived in a state of spiritual perfection, perceiving not a withered hand or mental imperfection, but a flawless hand and a mind free from disease.

I am advocating for the VA to change their phone recording to a more empowering message such as, "You are a beautiful, healthy consciousness residing in a vibrant and resilient body. You embrace life with love and are filled with inner peace." If even one clinic were to adopt this kind of voice messaging, true healing will occur. The teachings of Jesus align with this Universal Law, but the reactions of those around him serve as a reminder of our prevailing Western medical mentality, where the emphasis on negative questions harms our collective thought ecosystem.

It's no wonder that when Jesus encountered a crowd of people, he taught them The Beatitudes. He was a voice reminding people of the spiritual reality, just as we, as spiritual beings, are called upon to remind others of their inherent state of wholeness.

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